quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

Hello Universe

(Em inglês - para visualizar a tradução, cliqueaqui.)

"February 24, 2011.

Dear Universe, I'm writing to remind you that, above all, you're important and all of us, humans, depend on you. And, taking the liberty of speakin' out at one voice, we're sorry for what we're doing to you. But, you know, you understand, we're less than you. Less than the Earth and less than so many things we can't even list, so many things we don't even know.
So, as inferior beings, we have to create. Theories, history, numbers and languages. We have to diversificate. Colours, races, peoples, instruments. You're so big we have to get connected. Technology. You're so unexplainable we have to pray. There's gotta be something bigger than us. We wonder all the time how many bigger things there are outside!
We're deeply sorry for polluting you, and putting so many satellites around you - but that's kinda your fault, you're so wide sometimes we get lost - and for making holes in that delicate layer you give us, to keep us alive. We're sorry for killing our brothers and for destroying our nature. We're sorry for many, many things we do and don't even notice. Sorry for ending aluminium, sorry for wasting water, sorry for not distributing that stupid money thing we created to everyone the same way. We're sorry for everything, we hope you understand.
We're sorry, Mr. Universe! Please, don't end us. We've been creating things for a few billions of years, and now we're starting to figure out some more, some new, some different, some dead brothers of us predicted you were gonna kill us in a year. But, Universe, if you're gonna do it, then why did you even create a God? For us to pray? You make us pray for him not to kill our beloved people, and now you're going to kill us yourself. Your God will have done nothing if we die. You'll have done nothing if we die. And we'll have done nothing if we all get killed.
Yeah, kill us, but don't die along. Kill the ones who have already lived and let the others live too; as we've found out so many secrets of yours, we wanna share it with the future generations.
Just so you know, we love you. Me and all humanity. And if we are able to feel love, that's because you're here to let us feel it, to let us breathe, to let us cry, to just let us create our own paths. Just so you know, we know nothing yet. Just so you know, we're trying to heal you. And just so you know, all our paths will lead us to you.

Thanks for the attention."

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